Wetland Park, Wipro EC5, Bangalore

Idea Design has worked on the Wipro Electronic City Campuses of EC3 and EC4 in ecologically retrofitting their campuses with indigenous landscape bringing in elements of Deccan ecosystem in these urban campuses. As a continuation, a detailed ecological regenerative landscape is proposed which will rejuvenate and enliven huge amount of recycled water from STPs of Wipro’s electronic city campuses, taking them through root zones, aeration, flow-forms through a large constructed wetland system, which also becomes a public space, to make the water more lively and making the campus more sustainable.

Good Earth Orchard, Bangalore

Good Earth Orchard was planned around cluster homes and intimate open spaces. The idea germinated from the natural landscape of the site and also the essence of community living. Each individual home responds to the context and climate and to the environment around them in terms of spacious verandahs, courtyards, backyards, gardens and boulevards. These elements integrate the homes with nature and thus bring about balanced planning. The clusters are linked by streets, purposefully not kept too wide to avoid heavy vehicular movement making it safe and more user friendly.

ATREE, Bangalore

ATREE – Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment is a well known NGO and national research organisation with head office in Bangalore. Their new office building is designed by Good Earth. We developed the landscape design for the ATREE campus concentrating on the narrow strips of building’s yards and courtyards, with indigenous flora. Deccan’s geological specimens add an ecological interest and artistic value to the landscape. Natural stones and bricks are used for creating unique paving patterns. A shade-loving dry garden is designed for the inner courtyard.

Science Centre, IUCAA, Pune

IUCAA – Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune is a campus that is designed by the master architect Charles Correa. IDLA was asked to do the landscape for the science centre at IUCAA. The science centre is engaged in scientific experiments and outreach education, which involves school children. IDLA came up with the concept of the solar system, in which all planets will be symbolically part of the landscape in relative scale. The inner planets are represented by spheres made by different natural stones, the astroid belt is represented by a storm water drain that cuts the site in two and the outer planets are represented by large mounds. A dome-theatre is included inside the jupiter mound, where children can enter, lie down and watch spherical projection of the sky and learn about stars and constellations.

Cloud 9, Munnar

Cloud 9 was an enchanting resort located in Chinnakkanal, Munnar. The property was designed with elements of Kerala’s traditional architecture and a touch of its hill station colonial character. The site planning and landscape had been crucial in developing this resort with minimal disturbance to the land, while solving the levels with steps and ramps and moulded landforms. The result was one of the unique properties in Munnar of that time.