As an eco-sensitive architecture and landscape design firm, IDEA DESIGN focuses on everything you can see, hear, smell, touch and sense, and on how that total physical environment – from open space and landscape, roads and infrastructure, to the proposed buildings – affect people. We unite function, aesthetics, environmental quality and economic considerations to give each of our client’s projects a distinctive sense of place and identity.

Team Idea Design

Team Idea Design consists of Architects, Urban Designers, Landscape Architects, Planners, Designers and Engineers who have a deep commitment in creating ecologically sensitive and socially responsible architecture. Our combined expertise covers all aspects of design requirements for a vast range of projects that we deal with. The team also brings value and innovation to every aspect of the project, be it functional, aesthetic, environmental quality or economic considerations.



Principal Architect, Urban Designer & Partner

Biley Menon graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi with a Master of Architecture degree. His postgraduate thesis, ‘Ecological Aspects of Urban Design’ was the first of its kind and won the Best Thesis Award in the Department of Urban Design.  After working with Prof. KT Ravindran in New Delhi, Biley started ‘Idea Design’ an eco-sensitive architecture and landscape design firm jointly with Ar. Chitra Biley. With over 20 years of professional experience Biley has grounded his practice based on an ecological architecture and urban design approach to find solutions to global challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation.

He is a winner of the IIA National Award for Excellence in Architecture. UNESCO – New Delhi had appointed him National Expert for their initiative on heritage of Cochin. He is currently the National Vice President of the Institute of Urban Designers, India. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Masters Program in Department of Urban Design, College of Engineering Trivandrum. He has jointly led consortiums with world renowned planners and designers in the fields of Urban Heritage Conservation, Ecological Restoration, Biodiversity Conservation, Botanical Gardens and Zoological Parks.




Principal Architect, Landscape Architect & Partner

Chitra Biley graduated in Architecture from the University of Kerala with Gold Medal. She completed her Masters in Landscape Architecture  from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi winning the Narendra Juneja Gold Medal for the best student in the department. Her Postgraduate Thesis, ‘Cultural Landscape of Kuttanad’ was first of its kind in the department and won the TJ Manickam Gold Medal for best thesis in all departments that year in School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. After working with Prof. Mohd. Shaheer, Landscape Architect, New Delhi, she started professional practice jointly with Ar. Biley Menon.

A winner of IIA National Award for Excellence in Architecture, Chitra has extensive experience in Landscape projects as well as Landscape dominated Architecture and Planning projects. She is immensely talented in design and detailing and has in-depth knowledge of plants and horticulture. She has jointly led design of Ecological Restoration Parks, Environmental Education Parks and Zoological Parks along with world renowned ecologists, landscape architects and zoo designers.


Joint Studios with Jon Coe

Design Charrettes with Jon Coe (Jon Coe Design, Australia), internationally renowned Zoo and nature park designer – 150 acre Thrissur Zoological Park Project – Master Plan and DPR

Joint Studios with David Hancocks & Sally Walker

Design Charrettes with David Hancocks (USA & Australia) internationally known nature park designer and Sally Walker (internationally known zoo activist and wildlife conservationist) – Nilgiri Biosphere Conservation Park Project

Joint Studios with Rafiq Azam

Design Charrettes with Rafiq Azam (Shatotto Architects, Bangladesh) internationally known Architect – Prakriti Sky-Villas Project, Kochi

Joint Studios with Joss Brooks

Design Charrettes with Joss Brooks (PFC, Auroville / Australia) world renowned landscape eco-restoration specialist & Eric Ramanujam (PFC, Auroville), faunistics specialist – for projects like Tholkappia Poonga Ecopark, Navalur Ecopark, Poondi Ecopark etc.